Nevada Online Poker Plagued by Geo-Location Issues

A recent service outage in Nevada caused many online poker players to be booted from both and online poker sites, due to geo-location service providers’ inability to verify player locations. Unfortunately, this was not the first geo-location issue in Nevada, and it’s unlikely to be the last. Fortunately, geo-location issues have been relatively minor in Nevada (yet very annoying for players having to deal with them). The online poker sites and the geo-location service providers have been working hard to correct any complications as they arise. But what they do indicate is that there is the potential for larger issues to arise in the future. First day jitters Even before Ultimate Poker dealt their first hand in Nevada, poker players, industry insiders, and regulators were anxious to see how geo-location verification would work in the state. The potential issue became a reality on Ultimate Poker’s first day of operation, when geo-location verification was unable to track Verizon and several other cell phone providers, essentially barring what should be authorized online poker players from participating in games at the site. Ever since these first-day jitters, geo-location verification has continued to be a thorn in the side of the Nevada online poker industry, evidenced by the recent service outage, and issues have taken days to weeks to correct. Verizon customers had to wait nearly two weeks before the geo-location service providers employed by Ultimate Poker were able to track their location, and there have still been sporadic complaints from players claiming they are inside Nevada’s borders but cannot be verified. AT&T’s service outage More recently, network maintenance by AT&T caused a disruption for both Nevada online poker rooms, eliminating their capability to track players via geo-location technology. The outages first occurred on October 21, when many Ultimate Poker and players found themselves unable to log into the software, or even worse, booted from the software mid-hand or mid-tournament. A thread immediately popped-up on the 2+2 online poker forum as players helplessly watched as they were forced to “sit-out” and their stacks blinded off. The service disruption was so severe that was forced to cancel several tournaments and traffic at both sites plummeted. During the outage, the sites were caught as off-guard as the players, and representatives from both Ultimate Poker and quickly showed up at the 2+2 poker forums and explained what occurred to the community: Both sites have promised to address this issue to prevent a similar situation down the road. Workarounds As frustrating as these geo-location issues can be, there is a very valid reason these safeguards are in place; namely to prevent unauthorized users from playing on an online poker site by using a VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows a person to effectively hide their location by appearing to be in a location they are not, by connecting to a proxy server. VPN’s have been used for quite some time, ever since online markets have become segregated, and are mainly used to circumvent online poker security, although some overly secretive types use them simply to hide their information. VPN’s became a hot topic in the aftermath of Black Friday when US poker players no longer had access to sites like PokerStars. You can learn more about VPN’s and how they are used by disreputable online poker players at Sites have become much better at detecting VPN’s, but they are still in use, and geo-location verification is one of the most effective ways to detect the use of a VPN.

Why Choose Regulated Poker Over Unregulated Poker

Faster withdrawal times, improved oversight and transparency, and the knowledge that your money is safe and secure are just a few of improvements regulated online poker will offer US players. In this column I’ll make the case why US players should start jumping on the regulated online poker bandwagon and swearing off unregulated online poker rooms. If you’re on the fence or having a hard time quitting your current unregulated online poker room then I suggest you keep reading. Reason #1 — Oversight With the onset of legalized, regulated online poker, US online poker players have their state regulatory bodies to lean on and hold accountable, who in turn have to answer to elected officials in the state. These added layers of oversight are the reason live casinos are so trusted when it comes to the safety of your money and the fairness of the games being offered in the United States, and now these same protections will extend to online casinos and poker rooms. If you play at a licensed, regulated online poker site, never again will you have to worry whether or not the people protecting your money is little more than a “fly-by-night” offshore regulatory body that has setup shop in some far-flung locale: Regulatory bodies that rely on the same companies they are overseeing for their very existence –with some, like Kahnawake’s Joe Norton, possessing ownership interests in the very poker rooms they are suppose to regulate! Reason #2 — Transparency In addition to having more reputable and legitimate oversight, regulated online poker rooms are far more transparent, allowing patrons to see everything from their licensing details to the company’s management structure, to the breakdown of their rake structure –which is now required by law. Now that online poker rooms are subjected to legitimate licensing requirements that require transparency, the potential for a shady individual to hide within a company’s infrastructure (or hide their involvement through a shell company) is a thing of the past. There will be no more “October Surprises” for online poker players. This transparency also prevents companies from using player funds to pay for other operational expenses, as safeguards are now in place that require frequent audits and stipulate the manner in which a company holds player funds. Reason #3 — Improved Payment Processing One of the most immediate and noticeable improvements that will come about from a regulated online poker market will be the speed with which withdrawals are processed, and the safety of the funds you have in your online account. Online poker players in the US will no longer have to wait weeks to months for a check to arrive, and will no longer have to fret that the check might be printed on rubber paper. From now on, when you deposit at an online poker room, your money will not immediately lose value (players at some current unregulated sites sell their account balances for mere pennies on the dollar) and it will no longer be tied-up for months on end. In addition to the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have access to your money, players will also have far more deposit and withdrawal options to choose from, with payment processors and credit cards no longer restricted from handling online poker transactions –provided they are themselves licensed. Reason #4 — Look at the track record If I still haven’t convinced you why you should choose regulated online poker sites over unregulated online poker rooms, look no further than the track-record of unregulated Internet poker sites over the years:
PokerSpot – PokerSpot was the first online poker site to leave the poker community high and dry in 2002, when the Dutch Boyd led poker room went belly up owing some $400,000 to their players – money that still has not been paid back to this day.
Ultimate Bet – Over the course of several years, Ultimate Bet insiders stole tens-of-millions of dollars from players through a cheating program, and when the DOJ indicted the owners of the site on April 15, 2011, UB continued to accept deposits and later went belly-up owing the community somewhere in the realm of seven figures.
Absolute Poker – Like their sister site Ultimate Bet (the two companies merged in 2010), AP was another site involved in an insider cheating scandal, and left players out in the cold, owing millions, when they were finally shut-down.
Full Tilt Poker – US Full Tilt Poker players are still waiting for about $150 million of their money; money they have not had access to since April 15, 2011.
Lock Poker – How bad is the situation at Lock Poker? Lock Poker’s withdrawal times are so slow, and the company’s ability to pay is in such question that $100 of Lock Poker money is worth somewhere between $10 and $25 on the open market. And this doesn’t even cover the countless examples of online poker rooms seizing legitimate accounts, slowpaying their players, or turning a blind eye to cheating. It’s time to toss away the security blanket and demand what’s better Change is hard, and it can be unpleasant at first, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary, and when it comes to online poker in the US, changing from an unregulated to a regulated market is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, that change is starting to occur across the United States, with licensed Nevada online poker rooms up and running, and Delaware and New Jersey on the precipice of joining the list of states with regulated online poker. But even in locales that have licensed online poker rooms, many online poker players are still playing at, or considering playing at, unregulated online poker sites. As I outlined above this is a major mistake. It might be the appeal of larger player pools, or the bonuses and promotions being offered that lure you in, but just remember: There is a reason the site is offering you a deal that seems too good to be true, and more importantly, there is a reason the site has not applied for a license or has been turned down. Sure, some unregulated online poker sites have done right by you over the years, and some unregulated online poker rooms have very good track records and decent reputations. But keep two things in mind: 1. These sites are already breaking at least one law by operating in the US, so what other laws are they willing to break? 2. Unlicensed sites are graded on a very steep curve, and if the curve includes sites like Ultimate Bet, Lock Poker, and PokerSpot, it’s not hard to come out looking like a well-oiled machine. These unlicensed sites are hoping you turn a blind eye to their failings, and choose familiarity and the status quo over progress. The valedictorian of summer school Even if an unregulated site has a solid reputation even these supposed well-oiled machines have their problems. In the current unregulated market they don’t even appear to be problems, but in a regulated market, lengthy withdrawal times, unnecessary fees, and lackluster security against collusion and poker bots would never be tolerated. They are for lack of a better term, the valedictorian of summer school. Since their offshore licensing bodies don’t demand tight security measures and don’t have the capability of diligent oversight, these problems are currently just accepted as part of the process by online poker players; in a regulated market they are being stamped out. In poker forum parlance: Regulated Poker > Unregulated Poker.


Bila Anda hanya mencari kesenangan yang ada di sela kesibukan rutinitas maka Anda juga harus memiliki modal permainan yang cukup standar dengan tidak bisa melakukan permainan yang melebihi batas keuangan yang Anda targetkan. Setidaknya dalam dunia poker, seseorang akan mulai terpancing untuk mengikuti alur permainan yang sudah mulai memanas. Ini juga harus Anda kendalikan dan membuat batas yang jelas dengan ukuran seberapa besar uang yang Anda gunakan dalam permainan judi poker online ini. Bila Anda menginginkan kemenangan dalam bermain judi kartu poker maka Anda juga harus memiliki persiapan yang matang dengan memiliki berbagai macam strategi tertentu yang sudah dapat membuat pola permainan akan berpihak pada Anda. Pola permainan judi online akan menjadi berbagi macam pengamatan bagi para pemainnya. Ini di karenakan mereka juga akan terus mencari bagaimana tekhnik untuk membaca kartu secara tepat agar Anda juga dapat memperoleh kemenangan yang sudah diinginkan. Ketika Anda sudah mulai untuk bermain poker tentu Anda juga harus terlebih dahulu mencoba untuk menentukan apa saja tujuan Anda untuk bermain poker tersebut. Apakah untuk bisa melakukan kesenangan semata atau juga untuk mencari keuntungan dari perolehan jumlah poin kemenangan.


Permainan ini sudah ada sejak dahulu kala. Saat ini ketika aspek teknologi sudah semakin maju, permainan judi poker uang asli juga ikut berinovasi dengan hadirnya judi kartu poker online. Setiap orang yang menyukai bagaimana permainan judi kartu poker ini bisa memanfaatkan akses internet untuk ikut dalam permainan judi kartu ini. Game online ini bisa juga dilakukan lewat gadget atau PC yang ada di rumah Anda. Gadget Anda tentunya harus terhubung dengan jaringan internet. Setiap orang yang sudah biasa bermain poker online akan memainkan permainan poker dari gadget tersebut. Ini juga bisa dilakukan sembari santai di rumah sambil bercengkerama dengan anggota keluarga, teman atau juga rekan kerja Anda. Permainan poker online juga telah dapat memberi Anda keuntungan lebih karena lewat akses internet yang global, seseorang bisa bermain poker dengan lawan main dari berbagai belahan dunia yang berbeda. Hal ini tentu akan menambah pengalaman Anda dalam bermain judi online. Anda menjadi tahu tipe permainan orang dari negara lain dan mungkin bisa jadi perbandingan dengan gaya permainan orang Indonesia.


Anda juga harus memiliki kepercayaan diri yang tinggi ketika Anda bermain judi online poker. Yakinkan hati bahwa Anda juga mampu menghadapi lawan. Para pemain poker yang sudah tangguh sekalipun tidak akan mengetahui siapa lawan yang sesungguhnya. Mereka juga tidak akan tahu bagaimana keadaan Anda, apakah Anda seorang pemula atau sudah mahir. Namun bila Anda bisa melakukan gerakan atau langkah-langkah yang bagus sehingga mengecoh lawan Anda. Lawan Anda akan berpikir bahwa Anda adalah seorang pemain poker yang profesional. Banyak juga teknik analisis yang dimiliki oleh para pemain poker yang akan menyebabkan seseorang bisa membaca karakter lawan mainnya. Hal ini tentu bisa dipelajari dengan cara yang mudah bila Anda rajin melakukan analisa tentang bagaimana pergerakan dan langkah yang diambil pihak lawan. Bermain poker memang hanya sekedar bermain kartu yang mengandalkan keberuntungan dari Bandar, namun juga langkah yang diambil lawan akan bisa mempengaruhi pola kemenangan Anda. Pihak lawan juga akan merasa lebih percaya diri bila kartu miliknya memiliki kombinasi yang bagus. Siapapun akan yakin jika kartunya bagus. Lawannya melakukan teknik apapun akan mampu dilawan sehingga ia akan menang dengan mudah. Selamat bergembira dengan lawan Anda



Permainan Casino Online merupakan salah satu permainan yang begitu banyak di gemari di dunia perjudian online, permainan ini juga memberikan banyak kelebihan tentunya akan member keuntungan kepada anda para pemain casino online indonesia.

Selain keamanan anda yang terjamin dengan sistem permainan yang aman anda juga dapat menikmati keuntungan yang anda dapatkan secara aman dan cepat. Anda dan para pecinta casino online terbaik tentu berharap dapat bergabung dengan situs yang memberikan pelayan ramah dan fasilitas yang terbaik serta permainan yang aman, agar dapat bermain secara fair. siapa yang tidak ingin mendapatkan itu semua, termasuk anda juga berharap mendapatkan keuntungan tersebut, apalagi jika kemenangan yang di raih dengan jumlah yang sangat besar. Judi Casino Terpercaya merupakan permainan yang lumayan mudah untuk di jalankan namun anda juga perlu mempelajari beberapa strategi, taktik dan ketelitian dasar untuk memenangkannya.

Beberapa Trik Judi Casino Untuk Menang Di Dalam Permainan
Dalam bermain judi casino online anda tidak bisa hanya asal lakukan permainan, anda juga harus menggunakan strategi untuk bisa memenangkan pemainan agen judi casino casino tersebut. karena anda juga tentu mengetahui bahwa dalam permainan tidak selalu akan mendapatkan kartu bagus. Agar anda dapat memenangkan permainan agen judi casino, maka anda membutuhkan cara agar dapat memenangkan permainan tersebut. minimal anda memiliki teknik dasar dalam bermain agar tidak sembarangan mengambil langkah dalam bermain.


Anda jangan mudah untuk terkecoh oleh lawan dan jangan terkecoh oleh kartu bagus di awal yang anda miliki.
Bermain nekat, di dalam bermain anda harus mempunyai modal nekat dalam menjalankan permainan dan berani mempertaruhkan peruntungan untuk anda.

Membaca pergerakan lawan, ketika saat bermain anda jangan hanya sibuk memikirkan jalan permainan dengan tujuan meraih kemenangan dan kartu-kartu anda, tapi anda juga harus mengamati tindakan lawan anda, agar bisa membaca pergerakan mereka.

Bermain dengan tenang, Ketenangan di saat bermain juga di perlukan, jika anda bermain dengan tenang lawan anda akan kesulitan membaca pergerakan anda. Mereka juga pasti akan binggung dengan kartu yang anda miliki karena ketenangan anda.


Punya banyak strategi, dengan banyak trik strategi yang anda kuasai tentu dengan mudah anda dapat menjalankan permainan begitu mudah, cara ini juga berguna ketika anda memiliki kartu yang kurang bagus.

Bluffing, jika anda mengetahui pergerakan lawan apalagi jika hapal sikap lawan, maka dengan mudah anda dapat melakukan Bluffing. Carilah lawan yang emosinya lebih mudah di pancing.

Mempelajari permainan kartu, Memiliki kombinasi kartu bagus tentu membuat keyakinan anda bertambah untuk memenangkan permainan judi casino online.

Menentukan keputusan, ketika menjalankan permainan judi casino online ada banyak langkah strategi yang anda di jalankan, anda harus cerdas dalam menentukan strategi mana yang di keluarkan untuk memenangkan permainan, jangan sampai anda salah langkah mengambil keputusan.


Fokus, tentu dalam setiap hal yang di lakukan anda harus fokus begitu juga dalam permainan judi casino online, Meskipun permainan ini begitu mudah untuk di jalankan tetapi anda juga tetap harus fokus, jangan pernah melakukan hal yang mengganggu permainan anda.

Semoga dari cara untuk memenangkan judi casino online di atas dapat anda aplikasikan ketika anda bermain di agen judi casino IDR Kasino. Demikian penjelasan mengenai cara mudah menang judi casino online yang dapat artikel ini bagikan untuk anda. Semoga anda dapat menjalankannya dan memenangkan permainan tersebut.